Dear Reader,

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the publication of “Daughter of the Game”. Charles and Mélanie and their world are very close to my heart, so I was thrilled when Morrow/Avon decided to reissue the book in trade paperback. For the new edition, they gave the book a new title and cover look which emphasize the historical richness I sought to capture in the story.

I love “Daughter of the Game” as a title, but I was very happy when—after endless lists were emailed back and forth—we settled on “Secrets of a Lady”. To me, it has echoes of the 19th century novels which so influenced me in writing the story.

For “Secrets of a Lady” I wrote a new epilogue–a letter from Charles to Mélanie. ‘Secrets of a Lady’ also includes about fifteen pages of what Avon Trade calls A+–a very fun section that is sort of like DVD extras. I wrote mine in the form of a series of letters between Charles, Mélanie, and other characters that offer glimpses into their history. Additional letters (different from those in “Secrets of a Lady”) can be found on this site in the new Fraser Correspondence section. I plan to add a new letter to Fraser Correspondence weekly, so do check back.

If “Secrets of a Lady” does well, hopefully the sequel, “The Mask of Night”, will be published, as well as further books in the series (I have a lot of wonderful ideas for stories about Charles and Mélanie and their friends and family). I’ve spent the years since the publication of “Beneath a Silent Moon” (the prequel to “Secrets of a Lady”) writing “The Mask of Night”, as well as “In Such a Night”, an historical novel set in the French Empire in 1811.

Thanks to my wonderful new website redesign, I’ll be able to update this letter frequently, so check back for more information about these books and background information on “Secrets of a Lady.”

Happy Reading,