I just posted the latest letter in the Fraser Correspondence. This is a reply to Charles from his Harrow and Oxford friend David Mallinson, Viscount Worsley. David, a Member of Parliament, is catching Charles up on the political news in London. He discusses the debate over the renewal over the East India Company’s charter which went on in the spring/summer of 1813. This allowed me to revisit a subject I’d originally researched for one of the Anthea Malcolm books my mother and I wrote (“A Touch of Scandal”).

It got me to thinking about how I originally fell in love with Regency Britain (thanks to Jane Austen and then Georgette Heyer) but my interest has broadened to what was happening in that era in other part of the world. The world was so inter-connected, even in an era when travel and communication were so much slower than they are today. In “Secrets of a Lady” two flashback chapters take place in Spain during the Peninsular War and the events of the war and its aftermath influence much of the story. I was also able to allude briefly to the revolutions which swept across the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in South America at the time (with both the Spanish and Portuguese monarchies weaekend by the war). I’d love to take Charles and Mélanie to other parts of the world, and also to deal more with how events in other parts of the world affect the political situation in Britain and the lives of the characters there. I love looking at the broad tapestry of an historical era and then focusing in on how those events affect the very personal lives of the characters in my story.

What about you? Are there other parts of the world outside England in the early nineteenth century (or other eras) you’d particularly like to read about? If I sent Charles and Mélanie adventuring outside Britain, where would you like to see them go?