With the release of “Secrets of a Lady” fast approaching, this seemed a good time to post a video clip on the research I did for the book. Also, this Sunday, July 22nd, I’ll be interviewed on the wonderful Risky Regencies site. Do stop by and ask me questions (I have visions of sitting by the computer all day with no one to talk to :-). Besides, it’s a fabulous site for anyone who likes the Regency era and novels with a sense of adventure.

The release date for “Secrets of a Lady” is July 31st, which is also the release date for my friend Monica McCarty’s first book, a wonderful historical romance set in earl seventeenth-century Scotland (how cool is it that our books are being released on the same day?). Monica and I are doing a booksigning together at the Border’s in Stonestown in San Francisco from 12:30-2:00 on the 31st. If you live in the Bay Area and are able to stop by, we’d love to meet you!