You may have noticed that the Books page on the site now includes a Works in Progress section.  Here you will find links to detail pages for both The Mask of Night , the third Charles & Mélanie book, which is written but not yet published (hopefully it will be soon, but I still don’t have anything definite to report), and the fourth, as yet untitled Charles & Mélanie book, which I am just starting to write.  The Mask of Night detail page includes links to the excerpts I’ve posted in the Dear Reader blog, as well as Historical Notes.  The detail page for Charles & Mélanie Book #4 so far only has a brief paragraph about the book but I’ll be updating it as I develop the novel.

Do take a look and let me know what you think. I thought it would be fun to make these two books and other future books this week’s blog topic.  Any questions about The Mask of Night or Book #4?  Any suggestions of things you’d like to see happen in these books or other subsequent books?  Any thoughts or questions raised by the Historical Notes or the excerpts?  Any questions about members of the Fraser family (or extended family) who haven’t appeared in the books yet?

This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition deals with one of those family members.  Aspasia Newland, Chloe Dacre-Hammond’s governess, writes a letter to her sister about the wedding of Lady Frances’s daughter Judith in April of 1817.