A later and shorter post this week because I spend most of last week at events surrounding the Romance Writers of America National Conference, which this year took place in San Francisco (which feels like my home town, even though I live across the Golden Gate Bridge). It’s years since I’d been at an RWA conference, and I’d forgotten how fun they and how exhausting. Here, in no particular order, are a few random musings from the conference:

People I’ve got to know on e-lists and message boards and blogs are even more fun in person. And even though you’ve never actually met, you quickly feel like old friends.

The bricks on Market Street are tricky to navigate in super high heels (but I’m still glad I wore the pink lace shoes to the Avon dinner :-).

I need to get a digital camera (it will predictably take me forever to get my pictures developed and scanned; on the other hand, I love the pictures my camera takes).

There are as many ways to plot a book as there are writers (I actually already knew that, but it still fascinates me to learn about other writer’s plotting processes).

I forget sometimes what a wonderful city San Francisco is simply to explore.

Meeting interesting writers makes me want to read their books. I now have an even bigger tbr pile.

Even in a crowded conference hotel where cell phones are hard to hear, you can still somehow manage to find your friends.

There’s a reason day-into-evening dresses are a staple of my wardrobe.

There’s nothing more creatively invigorating for a writer than brainstorming and swapping research tidbits with fellow writers.

Were you at the RWA National Conference? Any fun stories to share? Whether or not your a writer, do you find work-related conferences inspiring or exhausting or both? Any new summer reads to share? (I came back from the conference with a stack of books–now I just have to find time to read…)

I just posted a new addition to the Fraser Correspondence, a letter from Gelly to her cousin Aline, with some revised thoughts on Charles and Mélanie.