A slightly later post this week, because I just got back from vacation. My fellow writer and good friend Penny Williamson and I just spent a wonderful week in Oregon. First at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashalnd where among other things we saw a powerful, nuanced Othello, a shattering A View from the Bridge, a riveting, wrenching Coriolanus, and a clever, fun-filled A Comedy of Errors. Then we went to the Oregon coast to “location scout” for Penny’s new book. Which reconfirmed two things I already knew–visiting the location where a book is set is a fabulous way to give texture to a story and good food and wine are a great help in plotting a book :-).

While I’m unpacking and catching up, here’s a new video clip on blogging.

I’ve been blogging over a year now, and while I sometimes rack my brain thinking of topics, I love the opportunity to talk about writing and books every week and to discuss topics with readers and answer comments. I’d love to hear what you think of writers’ blogs. How do you find interesting book-related blogs? What gets you to return to them? What are your favorite types of topics?

This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition is a letter in which Mélanie talks about being “home again.”