One of the delights of writing a series is developing characters and following their stories from book to book. Not merely the central characters, but a host of secondary characters, who may step into the spotlight in one book, merely be mentioned in the next, then return later on, perhaps with the events of their life taking an unexpected turn. As a writer I’m always aware of the world my characters live in and who’s doing what, even if a given character isn’t in a given book. There’s a sort of map of my characters’ world in my head, showing their lives intersecting with historical events (a concept I’ve had some fun discussions about with Lauren Willig, who has built a wonderful world for her Pink Carnation series; one of the delights of her books is speculating about what may happen to the characters in future books and catching up on characters from prior books).

I dealt with this topic in this video clip from the interviews I did this summer about characters in future books.

Do you like to follow secondary characters as well as central characters from book to book in a series? Do you like to speculate about what might happen next? (I have to say, after the latest C.S. Harris Sebastian St. Cyr mystery, I’m definitely doing some speculating about that series :-). Any specific characters you’d like to see more of in subsequent Charles & Mélanie books? Any characters who’ve only been mentioned who you’d like to see “on stage”? Any characters in the series who haven’t interacted who you’d like to see meet? Any past secrets you’d like to see explored?

This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition catches us up on Colin after Beneath a Silent Moon.