Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s 2009 is off to a wonderful start. I’ve just updated the Fraser Correspondence with a series of letters written on New Year’s Day 1818, following Gisèle and Andrew’s wedding which took place on New Year’s Eve. These letters touch on so many parent/child relationships (and Beneath a Silent Moon deals with so many of those relationships) that this seemed a good time to post a video clip on the topic.

Do you like books that deal with the protagonists’ relationships with their children and/or parents? Any favorite examples to recommend? Writers, do you like writing about parent/child relationships? Do you find your own family dynamics influence you? How do you think Charles and Mélanie’s relationship (and the books) would be different if they weren’t parents? How do both their relationships with their respective parents influence the way they behave as parents themselves? What do you think about Charles’s relationship with Raoul? How do you see it evolving?