As I think anyone who reads my blog will know, music is very important to me. I’ve wanted to a writer since I was about seven, but even before that I used to say I wanted to be an opera singer. That was before I faced the fact that I can barely carry a tune :-). Perhaps there’s a bit of wishful fulfillment in the fact that both Charles and Mélanie have excellent singing voices.

One of the fun things in writing Beneath a Silent Moon was that with more of the story taking place in the social world than in Secrets of a Lady, there were more opportunities to work in the music of the day. In the days before recorded music and television, played and sung music was a common part of an evening’s entertainment (and perhaps the only way those in the country would hear the music of the day). Think of Lizzy Bennet fascinating Darcy at the pianoforte, Marianne Dashwood and Colonel Brandon bonding over music, Emma competing with Jane Fairfax (and Jane’s mysterious new pianoforte).

So perhaps it’s not surprising that the use of music in Beneath a Silent Moon was one of the topics in the video interviews I did last summer:

Do you like to hear about music in the books you read? Any favorite examples to share? Do you seek out music you’ve read about in favorite novels? Writers, do you like to incorporate music in your books?

Be sure to check out this week’s Fraser Correspondence addition. I’m continuing the Mélanie – Raoul exchange, which I’m finding particularly interesting. I’m learning new things about my own characters.