A quick update this week, as I’m in the midst of packing for a trip to New York, where I will be seeing good friends and fellow History Hoydens Lauren Willig and Leslie Carroll, catching up with my editor and agent, seeing Lise Lindstrom (the daughter of good friends) in her Met debut as Turandot, and doing Merola Opera Program activities. I haven’t been to New York in a few years, and I’m very excited (while at the moment I’m trying to get through the long to do list I always seem to have before leaving on any trip, however brief).

The beautiful fall scenery on my mini-break to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland last week, got me to thinking about autumn as a setting for books. The book I’m working on now is set in November, as is Secrets of a Lady. I realized autumn may be my favorite season to write about. There are such rich descriptive possibilities–the colorful leaves, the rose gold autumn sunlight, harvest moonlight, skies turning gray with oncoming winter. There’s an array of weather to play with, from sunny days to rainstorms to early snow flurries. Autumn sees the start of regular fires in fireplaces (great descriptive possibilities). There’s the thematic bittersweetness of gilded autumn days with the promise of winter creeping into the air. And at the same time, the holiday season and a new year round the corner. I think the shorter days and chillier weather and oncoming winter making autumn a particularly good setting for suspense stories.

Do you have favorite seasons to read or write about? Do you find the season a book is set in influences the story?

I just posted an October addition to the Fraser Correspondence, a reply from Raoul to Mélanie.