Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is having a great last-week-of-2009!

As I mentioned last week, I thought it would be fun to make this week’s blog a list of holiday gifts Charles and Mel and the other characters might give each other if they lived today. And then I thought perhaps I’d also include gifts they’d give each other in real (Regency) time. Actually, there ended up being a lot of similarities between the lists–lots of books and jewelry. Perhaps not surprisingly, as both are gifts I love myself :-).


Mélanie to Gisèle – lace camisole and pashmina
Mel & Charles to Andrew – panini maker (great for quick meals with the kids)
Charles to Gisèle – moonstone & seed pearl earrings
Charles to Mel – bracelet of agates from the Perthshire coast near Dunmykel
Mel to Charles – first edition score to The Marriage of Figaro; autographed Renée Fleming CD (which she stood in line to get after a recital)
Isobel & Oliver to Mélanie – J. Crew sequined cardigan (midnight blue with black trim)
Charles & Mel to Isobel – J. Crew cashmere cardigan (ivory)
Andrew & Gisèle to Charles – Ardbeg whisky
David & Simon to Mel – Bollinger 1988 Champagne
Simon & David to Charles – autographed copy of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky
Gisèle & Andrew to Mel – Iona marble and sterling necklace and earrings from local artisans
Charles & Mel to Simon – autographed copy of Bill Cain’s Equivocation
Mel & Charles to Colin – Robin Hood action figures & book; Lego pirate ship
Charles & Mel to Jessica – Lego castle; Steiff lion
Raoul to Charles, Mel, Colin, & Jessica – tickets to The Hardnut
Charles to Addison – cashmere scarf; James Bond DVDs
Mel to Blanca – Burberry taffeta trench coat
Addison to Blanca – engagement ring


Charles to Mel – bracelet of agates from the Perthshire coast near Dunmykel; new Schubert songs (direct from composer)
David & Simon to Charles – Ivanhoe
Mel to Charles – first edition score to The Marriage of Figaro
Mélanie to Gisèle – Lyons scarf
Charles & Mel to Colin – Robin Hood stories
Charles & Mel to Jessica – toy theatre
David & Simon to Charles – rare edition of John Donne poems
Charles to Gisèle – moonstone & seed pearl earrings
David & Simon to Mel – collection of Sheridan plays
Isobel & Oliver to Charles – traveling chess set
Isobel & Oliver to Mel – spangled scarf
Charles & Mel to Isobel – paisley shawl
Raoul to Charles – painting Goya did of Mélanie
Charles to Addison – volume of Keats
Mel to Blanca – velvet pelisse
Addison to Blanca – betrothal ring

What gifts would you add to the list, between these characters or others? Feel free to be as vague or specific as you like. Any particular special gifts you received this holiday season or in other years?

This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition is a Christmas letter from Charles to David in 1812, when Charles and Mel have been married less than a month.