I’m buried in my Vienna Waltz which is due at the end of the month (surrounded my timelines, character notes, and reference books to double-check information). This is the time when it’s particularly wonderful to have video clips to post. Here’s one where I talk a bit more about the Congress of Vienna:

Any questions about the Congress or how it plays into Vienna Waltz or the process I’ve undertaken working on the book?

On a different note, my wonderful friend Lauren Willig (with whom I stayed on my New York trip in the fall) has the latest of her fabulous Pink Carnation books out this month. The Betrayal of the Blood Lily is set in India during the Napoleonic Wars, a fabulous blood of adventure, romance, history, and intrigue (the role India played in the Napoleonic Wars is fascinating). I’m rewarding myself with reading breaks as I work on Vienna Waltz. And I’m having to remind myself I have a book due, so I don’t simply curl up and read the entire novel.

I’ve also just posted Mélanie’s reply to Raoul’s letter of last week in the Fraser Correspondence.