Thanks so much to everyone who weighed in on last week’s post about naming two characters in the book I’m starting to work on. So many wonderful suggestions and fascinating, thoughtful reasons behind them. I think I have the list narrowed down to

Serena & James Wyndham
Cassandra & Marcus Brabourne
Cressida & Nicholas Hampson
Miranda & Nicholas Ashton
Helena & Edmund Neville
Jane & Julian Bowen
Cordelia & Harry Drummond

Let me know your favorites. And feel free to switch round the combination of names (hers, his, surname) or to suggest new names entirely.

Also, all this thinking about names got to considering the names I chose for Mélanie & Charles’s Vienna Waltz alter-egos. I chose Suzanne and Malcolm because those are Charles and Mel’s middle names and Rannoch because that’s Charles’s’s grandfather’s title. What do you think? If they can’t be Mélanie & Charles Fraser, are Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch good alternatives? Do you have other names to suggest?

Speaking of which, here’s a new video clip where I talk about characters from other books in Vienna Waltz.

Be sure to check out Lord Carfax (David’s father)’s take on Charles & Mel’s marriage in a letter to British Ambassador Sir Charles Stuart that I’ve just posted in the Fraser Correspondence.