The internet has made such a difference in the ability of writers to interact with other writers and with readers. I often find posting on Twitter and Facebook and reading the posts of others helps keep me motivated to reach my daily word count or revise one more chapter. And I love interacting with everyone who posts on my website. It’s fun every weekend to post a new update and then see who comments and what interesting directions the discussion goes in.

Here’s a video clip where I talk a bit more about interacting with readers:

What do you like about interacting with writers online? If you write yourself, does it help motivate you? When you discover a new author do you go looking for her or his website? Do you follow writers on Twitter and Facebook? If so, what do you like to see in their updates?

This week the Fraser Correspondence returns to the autumn of 1814, the days leading up to the events of Vienna Waltz. This week’s letter is from Lady Frances to Geoffrey Blackwell (who is in Vienna and plays a role in Vienna Waltz).

Happy Spring! Hope everyone celebrating Passover or Easter has a warm and wonderful time with friends and family.