This weekend Porchlight Theatre Company’s production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, on which I was a production adviser, opened in the beautiful outdoor Redwood Amphitheatre in Ross, California. Last night I gave a pre-show talk on the background and context of the play. One of the things I touched on was that, as our dramaturg Jesse Brownstein pointed out during the rehearsal period, the play was written in the 1980s though it based on a novel from the 1780s. I always think historical fiction says something about the time in which it was written as well as the time in which the story is set. Here’s a video clip where I talk about contemporary relevance in terms of Vienna Waltz:

Do you see modern parallels in the historical fiction you read? Writers, do you think about contemporary relevance when you write about an historical era?

I just posted a new letter to the Fraser Correspondence, Raoul writing to Mélanie shortly after Napoleon’s escape from Elba.