BookBuzzr on Twitter asked for more about the pets in my books (I love it when readers suggest blog and Fraser Correspondence topics!). I’ve always loved animals in books (perhaps not surprisingly, as I’m very attached to my own pets). A number of my books feature cats, dogs, and horse who play an important role in the story. As is true with human characters, I draw inspiration from real life. Perhaps more directly in the case of animal characters. I don’t consciously base human characters on people I know, but I do model animals on specific animals. Charles and Mélanie’s cat Berowne is based on my cat Lescaut. To those who’ve seen my author photos, Lescaut is the all gray cat who looks a bit like a Russian blue (the gray striped cat is Mélanie and my dog is Gemma). Berowne looks like Lescaut and has a very similar personality. A good traveler (Lescaut is wonderful in the car and Berowne has to go all over the place with the Frasers), sensitive to humans’ feelings (Berowne tries to comfort Mel in Secrets of a Lady when she’s at one of her lowest points).

Vienna Waltz is unusual in m books in that it doesn’t feature animal characters. Charles and Mel don’t have Berowne yet, and I didn’t want to give them another pet whom they’d have to lose before the later books. Here’s a video clip where I talk a bit more about it:

Do you like animals in books? What are some of your favorites? Writers, do you like writing about them?

I’ve just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter from Mélanie to Raoul, more about the beginning of the 100 days after Napoleon’s escape.