Over the weekend, I worked on a scene with the Duke of Wellington for my Waterloo book. Wellington’s made cameo appearances in some of my earlier books, but this is the first book I’ve written in which he’s a major character. I’m finding him surprisingly easy to write about. In general I find writing real historical people as characters in a fictional story a bit nerve-wracking. It’s hard enough to try to capture the voice of a new fictional character. I find it even harder to capture the voice of a real person. I want to try to capture who they were as best I can while working them into events that are a blend of real and fictional.

Vienna Waltz was a particular challenge, because I had so many real people as major characters. Many of them were royalty, which was an added challenge, as it meant getting into the mind set of people who were bred up to rule. Here’s a video clip where I talk about another of the major characters in Vienna Waltz , Czar Alexander of Russia:

What some of your favorite characters in books who are based on real historical royal personages? What early 19th century royal figures would you like Charles and Mel to meet in future books? Writers, what challenges have you found writing about real historical people? What are the particular challenge in writing about royalty?

I’ve just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter from Isobel to Mélanie during the 100 Days after Napoleon’s escape from Elba.