I’m getting the Vienna Waltz copy edits tomorrow and last night was the glorious Merola Grand Finale, the concert that’s the culmination of the Merola Opera Program’s summer, so I’m spending the weekend trying to get to the midpoint of the first draft of my Waterloo book. With Vienna on my mind, this week’s video clip is about the Palm Palace, the site of many of the real-life behind-the-scenes intrigues at the Congress of Vienna and many key scenes in Vienna Waltz. Wilhelmine, Duchess of Sagan, and Princess Catherine Bagration both lodged in the Palm Palace during the Congress and so does my fictional Princess Tatiana Kirsanova (called Tatiana Volkonsky when I recorded this interview).

What real buildings play a key role in your favorite historical novels? Have you visited them or looked at pictures after reading the novel? Any questions about copy edits and the publication process?

I’m having fun working my Waterloo research into the Fraser Correspondence. I’ve just posted a new letter from Mélanie to Raoul about her and Charles’s arrival in Brussels with Wellington in the run up to Waterloo.