This past weekend was opening weekend at San Francisco Opera. Which meant that instead of spending the weekend curled up with research books and my laptop as I frequently do, Friday night I got to dress up in a favorite long dress and put my hair up with lots of ringlets and enjoy sweeping over marble stairs in a long skirt (which always makes me feel like a character in one of my books), sipping champagne, and listening to fabulous music (Verdi’s Aida). And Sunday I got to lounge on the lawn at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park, picnicking with friends and listening to more opera at a glorious Opera in the Park concert.

Getting back to work today, I found I was rejuvenated. I find music makes for wonderful writing inspiration. Which made this seem like a good time to post a video clip about the influence of composers on Vienna Waltz:

Do you associate particular composers or pieces of music with particular books? Do you like books with musicians as characters? Any particular favorites? Writers, do you get inspiration from music? Do you listen to music when you write?

I’ve just posted a new letter to the Fraser Correspondence from Raoul to Mélanie, inspired by the great discussion following last week’s post.