With the Vienna Waltz galleys back to my publisher, I had a productive writing week this week on my Waterloo book. I wrote in a café, curled up by a favorite window at home with a cup of tea, in front the television with The Empire Strikes back playing (yes, I sometimes write while watching videos and dvds, I know it’s odd), in a theater lobby waiting for Center Rep’s very fun production of Dracula to start today.

This seemed a good time to post a video clip where I talk about being a writer and the twists and turns of my career:

Any questions about the writer’s life? Writers, where do you do your most productive writing? Do you find it helps you to write in different locales? Do you write with music playing or do you prefer total quiet? Any one else write while watching videos or dvds?

I’ve just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter from Charles to David in which Charles discusses his qualms about returning to Britain.