Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions for ways Lauren Willig’s characters and mine might meet up. Congratulations to Ammy Belle, who won the drawing for an advance copy of Lauren’s The Orchid Affair. Ammy Belle, watch for an email from me or if you see this first, email Lauren with your address so she can send the book on it’s way. And huge thanks to Lauren for sharing this early copy of her book!

This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition is a letter that Mélanie leaves with Raoul for Colin in the event he learns the truth about her, and she isn’t there to talk to him. It follows up on last week’s letter that Mel left for Charles in the same circumstances. This week’s post topic is an open thread on the Fraser Correspondence. What do you think of these letters from Mel to Charles and Colin? Which characters would you like to see letters from to which other character? What topics/incidents would you like to see discussed? Do the Fraser Correspondence letters add to your reading of the books? Do you have a favorite letter? Any anything else you’d like to ask or bring up!