Only a month until Vienna Waltz is published. I just received a lovely new box of ARCs from my publisher. So to celebrate and get through the nerve-wracking month until publication, every week from now until its March 29 publication date, I’ll give away another ARC to a commenter.

As I settle in front of the tv to enjoy movie clips and gorgeous gowns for Academy Awards Sunday, it seems appropriate to have a movie-themed contest. To be entered in this week drawing for an ARC, post your casting choices for Charles/Malcolm, Mélanie/Suzanne, and/or any of the other characters in any of the book in the series.

Or, say the characters were transplanted the present day, and Simon was nominated for Best Screenplay (probably adapted from one of his plays). Simon, David, and Charles would all be in classic tuxes. What would Mélanie wear? You can describe a dress, name a designer, or reference a gown from tonight’s awards show.

I’ll post the winner next week. If you’ve already received an ARC, do feel free to discuss the book, here or elsewhere, if you feel so inclined.

Following up on the Fraser Correspondence letters the last two weeks for Lady Elizabeth and Raoul, I’ve just posted one from a young Charles to Raoul at the same time.