Though real historical people play a role in most of my books, I’ve never used them as much major characters as in Vienna Waltz. It was both fun and a challenge to put fictional words in the mouths of real people and involve them in fictional events while trying to stay true to who they were. In writing the book, I realized that in order to bring them to life, I need to mentally cast the roles, just as I do for the fictional characters in my books. I often find that a character doesn’t fall into place until I settle on the right actor, and it was just the same with the historical figures. It wasn’t enough to look at paintings. I needed actors I could imagine moving, talking, interacting.

I’ve just posted my cast for Vienna Waltz on StoryCasting. But I’d love to hear from readers on whom you would cast. I find hearing other people’s casting choices often lets me see my characters in a whole new light, which is fascinating. So do post your thoughts on whom you’d cast, as Malcolm/Charles and Suzanne/Mélanie and in any of the other roles, real or fictional (you can mention as few or as many characters as you like). Before or after, you can view my cast on StoryCasting. And you can also post your own cast on StoryCasting, which is a lot of fun–it’s a great site.

I’ve also just posted a new letter to the Fraser Correspondence from Mel/Suzanne to Raoul about the events of the Metternich masquerade.