I’ve been busy this past week launching a new venture. For a while now I’ve done freelance work offering editorial, marketing, and social media support services to writers. I’ve now launched this side of my work formally with a new page on the website. If you know anyone who might be interested, do forward the link if appropriate. And feel free to email me with questions.

Since I’m coming off a busy week and launching into another one with work on The Princess’s Secret (formerly The White Terror), the next Malcolm/Charles & Suzanne/Mélanie book, I thought this week I’d open the blog up to more Vienna Waltz discussion. This week’s Fraser Correspondence addition is a letter Charles/Malcolm writes to David from prison in Vienna, asking David to look after Colin and Mélanie/Suzanne should anything happen to him. So it seemed an appropriate time to return to the Reading Group question about Charles/Malcolm and Mel/Suzette as parents:

Suzanne and Malcolm struggle to balance their roles as agents and their duties in the diplomatic corps with being parents and husband and wife. How are the difficulties they face juggling all this similar to or different from those of a present-day couple?

For me, the fact that Charles/Malcolm and Mélanie/Suzanne are parents has always been a key part of the series. It adds a whole layer of complications to their work as spies, to their marriage, and to their divided loyalties. I’d love to any thoughts anyone has on the question above and on Charles/Malcolm and Mel/Suzette as parents in general. And though the question comes from Vienna Waltz, definitely feel free to reference other books in the series as well (does their role as parents change over the course of the series so far?), and also to bring in other fictional characters who are parents.