I got a wonderful present this week. My first glimpse of the Imperial Scandal cover. I confess I was worried because I love the Vienna Waltz cover so much I was afraid this one wouldn’t be able to equal it. I was so excited when I saw it – I love it just as much, and somehow the richer, more vibrant colors seem right for a book that begins in the glamour of the expatriate British community in Brussels and moves to the brilliant madness of the Duchess of Richmond’s ball and then the chaos of Waterloo. And again, the woman on the cover could be Mélanie/Suzanne.

What do you think? Does seeing the cover change your image of the book? (I know for me it makes it more real). What draws you in in a book cover? What are some of your favorites?

Any questions about Imperial Scandal? I also got the catalogue copy for it this week, which I think captures the story beautifully:

Removed to Brussels in the wake of Napoleon’s escape from Elba, British intelligence
Agent Malcolm Rannoch and his wife, Suzanne, partake in lavish balls and bucolic
picnics. Such pleasures can’t last. With the Duke of Wellington preparing for battle, Malcolm
is ordered on a perilous mission to meet a British spy. When he arrives at the chateau, he
discovers a deadly ambush, and when the shooting stops, Lady Julia Ashton is dead…

What was the demure, highly respectable Lady Julia doing in such a place? As Malcolm and
Suzanne search for the truth, they realize that Lady Julia was not at what she seemed. And as
the conflict with Napoleon marches toward Waterloo, they discover a labyrinth of intrigue in
which no one can be trusted…

I’ve also just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter from Raoul to Mélanie/Suzanne when Charles/Malcolm is in prison about her discovery that Charles and Tatiana were behind the attack on Acquera. Writing the letters that last couple of weeks, I realized that of course Raoul deliberately gave Mel/Suzette the Acquera backstory, which explains the coincidence of Charles/Malcolm being behind the attack on Mel/Suzette’s supposed home. I love it when my characters are a step ahead of me :-).