I have some exciting news. Dark Angel, the first of four linked historical romances I wrote and published in the 90s, is now available on Nook and Kindle, thanks to my wonderful agent Nancy Yost and the amazing Natanya Wheeler, Director of Digital Rights at Nancy Yost Literary (who also designed the beautiful cover). We’ll be releasing the four other books in the series as ebooks shortly.

I co-wrote Dark Angel with my mom, Joan Grant. It was originally published under the name Anna Grant, but we decided to use Tracy Grant for the reprint to keep all my books together (with my mom credited in the book). It’s an adventure and spy story set during the Peninsular War. Here’s the blurb:

Adam Durward is an outsider in both his mother’s India and his father’s England. Too much of an outsider for his childhood sweetheart, Caroline, who turned her back on their forbidden love to marry the wealthier, safer Jared Rawley. Taught a bitter lesson about not belonging, Adam left England as a diplomat and spy in the Peninsular War. But even then he could not escape Caroline. When he learned her husband, Jared, had betrayed crown and country, he exposed Jared as a traitor despite Caroline’s pleas.

Sheltered, pampered Caroline grew up and found unexpected courage in the wake of her husband’s disgrace. She left her decorous life in England and followed Jared into war-torn Spain. Now a widow with a young daughter, she is trapped behind enemy lines. Adam sets out to rescue the woman who still haunts his dreams. In a landscape set with treachery and intrigue, Adam and Caroline’s only hope of survival is to rely on each other. They brave bandits, enemy soldiers, and harsh terrain, but the greatest danger they face may be navigating the web of love and betrayal that still binds them together.

Any questions about Dark Angel or my other backlist books? If you’ve read any of my Regency or historical romances, how do you think they’re different from the historical suspense fiction I now write? How are they similar? Are there any characters you think are parallels of each other?

I’ve just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter from Mélanie/Suzanne to Raoul.