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You’ll notice that my website has a new look for Imperial Scandal, thanks to my wonderful web designer Gregory Paris, and there are now Imperial Scandal detail pages. But Vienna Waltz is also on my mind this week. Last Wednesday I got the fun news that
 Vienna Waltz is a finalist in DABWAHA, a contest for romance novels that mirrors basketball’s March Madness. As with the March Madness NCAA tournament, there are 64 contestants. Readers vote for their favorites in each round from 64 books to 32 to 16 to •8 to 4 to 2 to the tournament champion. I don’t expect Vienna Waltz to last in the tournament long, but  I confess it’s fun to be singled out. I have fond memories of watching March Madness games with my dad. I think he’d enjoy one of his daughter’s books being part of a March Madness tournament.

Any questions about Imperial Scandal from the new pages? Have you ever participated in DABWAHA? What are your favorite books from 2011?