Plotting Suzanne and Malcolm's next adventure with Audrey and Nancy

Today, 27 March, was Imperial Scandal’s official release day. I’m so excited it’s finally out in the world. Excited and a bit nervous. One lives alone with one’s book for so long before publication – it’s wonderful and a bit nerve-wracking to finally get readers’ reactions. With the battle of Waterloo at the heart of the story and some major developments in the character arcs for Suzanne/Mélanie and Malcolm/Charles, Imperial Scandal was a challenging and exciting book to write. The writing of the book is intertwined with the developments in my own life in the past year. When i started working on it I wasn’t even pregnant. I turned it in to my editor just before I learned I had a baby on the way. I finished the revisions as I started the second trimester of my pregnancy. And now the book is being published just after my daughter turned three months old.

Speaking of which, Mélanie and I just got back from a trip to New York. I had a wonderful time taking Mélanie around the Kensington offices, where everyone was so nice to her. Mélanie was awake and smiling and then obligingly slept through a long lunch with my editor Audrey LaFehr and my agent Nancy Yost. Audrey, Nancy, and I had a great time as we always do. We did some great talking about the next books in the series and we discussed the possibility of an enovella, between Imperial Scandal and the next book, that would fill in some of the backstory. I’m thinking of doing it around Suzanne/Mel and Malcolm/Charles’s meeting and marriage. What do you think? Is that something you’d like to read about? What would you like me to touch on in the story in terms of events and POV? Are there other episodes from their past you’d like to see dramatized?

I’m finally back to updating the Fraser Correspondence. I’ve just posted a letter from Mel/Suzette to Simon about their arrival in Brussels.

If you read Imperial Scandal, do let me know what you think!