I’ve just posted my cast for Imperial Scandal on Story Casting. Take a look at the cast, see what you think, and post your own cast on Story Casting, and/or talk about who you’d cast in the comments here. I thought about updating my casting for Malcolm/Charles and Suzette/Mel to younger actors who could play the parts now, but I decided to stick with the actors who’ve been my images for the characters from the first (though I do sometimes think of other actors in the roles). As you’ll see, some of my choices for the new characters are not really the right age to play them now, but one of the fun things about fantasy casting is that one can use actors of different ages and imagine them the right age to play the character.

I always find hearing other people’s casting suggestions helps me get a new perspective on my characters, so I’d love to hear your suggestions. Sometimes thinking about different actors in the parts helps me with a particular scene.

I’ve also just posted a new Fraser Correspondence letter in which Aline writes to Gisele about Cordelia and Julia.