TracyAuthorPhoto5.16.13Exciting news! The wonderful Suzi Garrett Shoemake is starting a Google+ Group to discuss the Malcolm & Suzanne/Charles & Mélanie books. I’ll be popping in myself to answer questions, and there will be fun extras just as the Fraser Letters in chronological order. Here’s what Suzi wrote on Facebook:

Good morning to my “bookie” friends! I have been a fan of Tracy Grant and her other self, Teresa Grant for several years. Her books are in the time period of Regency England/Napoleonic Era in Europe. They have romance, mystery, spies, twists and turns that twist again. I usually read one the first time in a couple of sittings, then go back to see what I missed. I own all of her in print books, as well as all of her e-books.

I am helping start a discussion group of Google plus about her books. It is a closed group, but that just means the moderator approves you so spammers don’t get in. The nice thing about Google plus groups, is that you don’t have to have a Google account to be a member of the group. [Yahoo groups require a Yahoo account to be a member]

As the group is just being announced today, the actual first book discussion will begin with the first book in her current series, on Monday 3 February.

You can find the group by Googling Tracy/Teresa Grant Discussion Group
or from this link:


photo: Raphael  Coffey