10.18.14TracyMelI woke up this morning thinking that I needed to wash Mélanie’s Halloween costume (which she’s already worn many times) so it’s ready for pre-Halloween events this weekend. I also needed to make sure I had a crown/headdress for her (she’s going to be Anna from Frozen; fortunately I tried on my own Elsa costume a week or so ago). I felt calmer after I had both those things done and realized I’d been stressing about getting everything sorted for Halloween for a while. And I’m already feeling the pressure of making sure I’m ready for the holidays.

Summer is a busy time for me with lots of Merola Opera Program performances and events. I was looking forward to things calming down the fall. But no sooner were we back from our post-Merola holiday, than I was worrying about making up for lost time on my WIP, new Merola projects, getting ready for Halloween, and before long starting to think about the holidays.

Today, feeling a little of the stress melt away as I ticked off a few “to do” items, I realized I should just accept that life never does slow down, not really. Not with a young child at any rate. Not with writing. I often think “once this book is done it will be easier”, but then there are revisions, copy edits, a new book to plot, perhaps a novella to fit in, and soon that new book needs to be finished and the oodles of time I thought i had has shrunk down to an ever narrowing window.

The best one can do is take a deep breath, do what has to be done, try to enjoy the moment, and not get overwhelmed. None of this is an earthshaking insight. I’ve heard it from other people and thought it myself  many times in the past. But it’s something I it helpful to remember, especially in the fun and chaos of autumn-into-holidays with a book to finish, a novella to write, a new book to plot–not to mention a little girl whose childhood i really want to savor.

Does your life seem to be a constant carousel of personal and professional deadlines? How do you maintain your balance?

Happy autumn!