Laura Dudley, governess to Colin and Jessica Rannoch, plays a central role in The Mayfair Affair. The story begins when she is accused of murdering the Duke of Trenchard. Laura has a heart-shaped gold locket that plays a role in the story and connects to some of the many secrets the Rannoch governess is keeping. To celebrate finishing the book, I bought myself a heart-shaped brass reproduction locket at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on my recent trip to New York with my daughter Mélanie. I love having jewelry that connects to my books and the Met has gorgeous historical reproductions. (Here’s a similar locket from their website).

Lunch at Isabella's, one of our favorite NY restaurants. Ending the trip as we began it, with dessert with a candle for Princess M.

Jewelry can be a great for whiling away time at restaurants too.

Mélanie is fascinated by the locket and loves opening and closing it. it was a great aid in whiling away waiting time in the airport and a conversational point at several restaurants meals, including lunch Isabella’s, above.

Do you have favorite jewelry from books? Have you ever bought something similar for yourself?

You’ll notice my website has a new look, thanks to my wonderful designer Gregory Paris (thank you, Greg!), that incorporates both The Mayfair Affair and London interlude.

Have a wonderful weekend!