Last Saturday, May 30, I had the fun of being back at my favorite bookstore, Book Passage, for a launch event for The Mayfair Affair. Always a treat for a writer to be able to talk about her books :-). Mélanie made the day for me. When we pulled into the parking lot, I said “We’re here because Mummy’s going to talk about her books.” Mélanie said, “I think you should talk about my books.” I said, “What books do you want me to talk about?” She replied, “Pride and Prejudice is my favorite.” (She has a couple of children’s versions of Pride and Prejudice).

For those who missed the event, here’s a photo diary, from arrival at the store through  a lovely dinner with friends afterwards.

And to keep the Mayfair discussion going, I’d love to hear what readers think of the state of Malcolm and Suzanne’s relationship in this book, three months on from the revelations of The Berkeley Square Affair.

Happy weekend!


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