A wonderful friend and reader of the series sent Mélanie and me a fabulous gift –  hamper from Fortnum & Mason. I love Fortnum’s and have had some wonderful teas there, but have never had one of their hampers. Fortnum’s hampers go back to the 1730s. The hamper Raoul brings to Laura in Newgate in The Mayfair Affair would look not unlike the lovely one that arrived at our house yesterday. What a fabulous treat (the Earl Grey tea and biscuits it contained are proving particularly wonderful writing inspiration) and research rolled into one.

Speaking of inspiration, I am hard at work on the next book in the series (working title The London Gambit) and working on it is causing me to do some thinking about the over all direction of the series for the next few books. That made me realize I would love to hear from readers. What do you expect to have happen in the next few books? What would you like to see happen? Answers won’t necessarily change my plans but I would love to add ideas to the mix as I work things out.

Have a great weekend!