Happy Friday! Mélanie and I are looking forward to  a quiet weekend after a busy week with some fabulous Merola events, including a great master class last night with the amazing coach and collaborative pianist Martin Katz (there we are are above when I was about to go off to the class).

The fabulous discussion last week about the direction of the series gave me an idea for a post that revisits moments past. Here’s an informal survey about some favorite moments and characters from the series thus far. Feel free to answer all or just one or just use this as a jumping off place to post other thoughts on the series.

Have a great weekend!

1. Favorite Malcolm & Suzanne scene

2. Favorite action sequence

3. Favorite denouement

4. Favorite ongoing couple in the series other than Malcolm and Suzanne (couples whose story plays out over multiple books such as Simon & David, Geoffrey & Aline, Blanca & Addison, Harry & Cordelia, Rupert & Bertrand, Raoul & Laura, etc…)

5. Favorite single-book couple (couple who’s story primarily happens in one book though they may appear in more than one such as Elisabeth & Adam Czartoryski, Violet Chase & John Ashton, Manon & Crispin, Hetty & James, Mary & Gui, etc…)

6. Favorite villain

7. Favorite secondary character