photo: Raphael Coffey

photo: Raphael Coffey

Happy Friday! Last  weekend was sweltering in the Bay Area. We sought refuge with friends at an indoor lunch at Marin Brewing Company (picture above) followed by an air-conditioned matinee (Fantastic Four, which was quite good). This weekend is starting delightfully cooler. We are back at Marin Brewing Company, a favorite haunt, outside listening to jazz. A favorite Friday night activity.

The survey of a few weeks ago and some follow emailing with readers have stirred some more questions. Here is Part II of the survey. As before, feel free to answer as few or many questions as you like or just to use this as a jumping off place for discussing other things.

1. Most interesting real historical character.

2. Historical character and/or event not yet in the series you’d like to see Malcolm and Suzanne interact with.

3. Favorite three characters in the series other than Malcolm and Suzanne.

4. Couple in the series you think has the most stable relationship.

5. Couple in the series you think is most likely to separate (don’t panic, this doesn’t mean any couple actually will or, if they did, that it would be permanent).

6. Couple you’d most like to see have a child in the next book or so.

7. What you’d most like to see happen in an upcoming book.

Have a great weekend! I’m excited to hear the 2016 Merola artists at tomorrow’s Merola Grand Finale!