A magical dinner at Alchemy, one of our favorite restaurants

A magical dinner at Alchemy, one of our favorite restaurants

Mélanie and I just got back from a great week at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. More on that next week when I have a chance to collect my thoughts on the plays. But while we were seeing great  theatre, eating great meals, and spending time with wonderful friends, I was mulling a comment Betty made a couple of weeks ago about Raoul. “I know his life would never be completely settled, but I think Laura would understand that. I really see Raoul as an honorable man – his wife made her own choices, so it seems like that relationship is ended in thought anyway. I think he is honorable in his work as well as in his friendships.”

This particularly intrigued me, because I don’t see Raoul sees himself as honorable – I think he thinks many of his past actions are unforgivable. I think Laura sees him as much more honorable than he admits. Malcolm’s  feelings about Raoul’s actions are evolving while I think Suzanne thinks the very word “honour” covers a multitude of sins.

I’m curious to hear what other readers think. Do you see Raoul’s actions as honorable? Dishonorable? Differently now than his actions in the past? Why or why not?

Have a great weekend!