Incident in Berkeley Square will be out in just over a week, on November 2nd. So excited to have it out in the world! Above is a pendant of mine that is the inspiration for a pendant Malcolm gives Suzanne at the start of the novella, to celebrate the first ball they’ve hosted since he learned the truth about her past.

He flipped open the lid of the box. A garnet pendant glowed against the velvet, set in silver filigree with a narrow rim of gold and a finely wrought gold chain. Something in the delicate workmanship of the metal stirred memories of their time in Spain. “It’s beautiful.” She reached up to take off the pearls she was wearing.

“I think you can wear them together.” Malcolm picked up the necklace, undid the clasp, and set it round her throat.

“What’s the occasion?” she asked.

“We’re hosting a ball.” His fingers danced against her spine as he fastened the clasp. He hadn’t put on his gloves yet. Malcolm hated the trappings of a formal social occasion.

“It’s hardly the first time we’ve hosted a ball.”

“No.” He pressed a kiss against the nape of her neck. “But it’s the first time—”

“Since you learned I was a French agent?” Suzanne turned round and met her husband’s gaze.

Malcolm returned her gaze with a smile that was sweet and without artifice. And yet, at the same time acknowledged the challenges ahead.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend! Here are Mélanie and me at a Halloween party last weekend in our costumes (our own version of Anna and Elsa when they aren’t in their traditional costumes; Mel wanted to be Anna in a pink dress).

TracyMelHalloweenHappy All Hallows’ Eve!