Happy Friday! Last weekend I took my daughter Mélanie to The Magic Flute at San Francisco Opera, her first full “grown up” opera. She loved it, and has been singing the Queen of the Night’s music. It was extra special that Papageno was played by Efraín Solís, a Merola Opera Program alum who was also her very first babysitter, back in the days when he was a student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Efraín was wonderful and we got to see him afterwards.


Magic Flute is an opera Malcolm and Suzanne could introduce Colin and Jessica to. Perhaps they would play some of the music on a quiet evening, after the exciting events of Incident In Berkeley Square, enjoying an evening at home with the Davenports, Laura, Raoul, David, Simon, and everyone’s children.

Incident in Berkeley Square has been out for almost two weeks now. I thought it would be fun to do another survey, this one exclusively about it. As always, feel free to answer as few or many questions as you wish, with as much or little detail as you choose.

  1. Favorite scene
  2. Most romantic moment
  3. Most suspenseful moment
  4. Favorite ballgown
  5. New character you’d most like to see again
  6. Biggest surprise
  7. Biggest question about what happens in the next book

Have a wonderful weekend!!