Starting off the holiday season at U.S. Thanksgiving

I love this time of year, though it tends to mean constant, if fun, chaos (especially as lately I’ve ended up finishing a book in December). In the midst of dashing around holiday shopping, sipping peppermint mochas at Peet’s while working on revisions, and doing year-end activities for my job at Merola, I’ve been pondering how Suzanne and Malcolm and their friends and family would spend the holiday season. I can imagine Suzanne, Cordy, and Laura shopping in Bond Street. Malcolm and Harry visiting Asprey’s to select jewelry for their wives, holiday outings to take the children to a pantomime, holidays gatherings both formal and informal.

I thought a fun blog question would be what you see Suzanne, Malcolm, and the others giving each other for the holidays? Either in 1818 and/or if they lived today. Some gifts might be remarkably similar. I could see Malcolm and Harry buying their wives jewelry (from Aspey’s even) then or now. Cordy and Mel might give each other shawls or scarves in 1818 as well as today. In London Gambit, the children spend quite a bit of time playing with a wooden castle. My daughter Mélanie is going to get a wooden castle for her birthday this weekend (something I can write because she can’t quite read yet :-). Other gifts could be more time and place specific. I can see a modern Simon giving David a copy of Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism or Raoul giving Laura a watch that also sends encrypted communications.

Do share your ideas for gifts the characters might give each other, in 1818 or today, or both. Suggestions can be as simple or detailed as you prefer and include just one of two characters or a group of them. I’ll post some of my own thoughts in the comments later, but for now I thought I’d leave it open for discussion.

Happy holidays!