photo: Raphael Coffey

photo: Raphael Coffey

London Gambit is up for pre-order on Kindle and Nook and should be up on other platforms shortly. The release date is May 5, three months from now. The manuscript is into production (I’m going through the galleys this weekend). It’s always an exhausting, exhilarating, and unnerving process to finish a book, But I’m quite excited about it and really looking forwards to sharing it with readers. Meanwhile, in the flurry of finishing the book, I found time for an author photo shoot. Below if my new author photo (photo by the wonderful Raphael Coffey). Mélanie really wanted to be in the author photo this time, which is very fun, especially as she’s now really aware that Mummy writes books and is starting to make up stories of her own.



I’ll be running some fun contests later this month. Meanwhile, if you could ask me one question about London Gambit, what would it be?

Have a great weekend!