Hard to believe, but it’s just a bit over two weeks until the release of London Gambit! I had a busy weekend with the Merola Opera Program’s Benefit Gala, April in Paris. In addition to raising funds for a wonderful cause, this event always make me think about the social events in my books. The clink of champagne glasses, the strains of music, the wandering entertainment (wonderful mimes and accordionist at this event), the flowers and candlelight, the hours in evening shoes, the feel of walking about in a long gown, the waiters/footmen passing drinks, the constant need to be “on” chatting with different people and circulating about the room. Above is a picture of Mélanie and me by the wonderful Kristen Loken -literally the first shot of the night, taken when we were testing the light for photos.

On another book-related note, I’m considering a possible Author Chat around London Gambit. Would you all be interested? And would you prefer to do it on my website, Good Reads, or Facebook? What day/time would be best?

Have a great week!