With less than five weeks until the May 15 release of Gilded Deceit, it seems a good time for a game of “guess the quote.” Below are some quotes from the book. Guess who is talking, whom they are speaking to, and if you like speculate on the circumstances.


“I don’t think I’ve ever claimed not to believe in love.”

“You’ve also never admitted to feeling it, so far as I can remember.”


“But I’ve always believed in change, haven’t I?”



“Dear God in heaven, I could murder him.”

“Please don’t. I’ve grown quite attached to him.”



“I’m not particularly worried about Britain. Britain can take care of itself.”



“Some of my past was cover for my work.”

“But not all of it.”

“No, not all.”



“Call it professional courtesy. I hate to see Carfax manipulate anyone. Least of all, those I’m fond of.”



. “If you’re going to say you thought they were too old to indulge in such activities, you will seriously insult at least one person at table.”



“I thought you’d be on my side.”

“If you imagine I’m fool enough to choose sides—”