Previously on Talea’s mysteries

“Talea said, Ok, ok, this is—“

“Talea?” Diamond said.

Talea gasped—

                                                          Chapter 1 the water woman

At the castle, Talea and Myoura walked in the ashes of the castle burned so long ago.

Talea looked for things to rebuild the castle with when suddenly!…

“Who are you?!” a voice said. But there was nothing there but a pond.

Talea walked to the pond to investigate. The pond was small but well covered in sunlight.

All Talea saw was her reflection Until…a person appeared in the pond! Right next to Talea!

Talea looked beside her but no one was there. “Who are you?” asked Talea.

The person squinted her eyes. “Gasp! Princess.” she said with a bow.

“Mom, there’s uh, a person in, in the pond.” Talea said.

“Princess why so troubled?” asked the person.

“You didn’t answer the question. Who are you?” said Talea.

“I am the girl of reflection. I come in the reflection. From glass, to water.”

Myoura walked over. “But why?” she asked.

“It is clear you need my story.”

“Hundreds of years ago, I came to existence. But, I was not in the village. Not truly.

I was stuck. Stuck in a pond. All my life I have been in a pond… until one day I learned how to move from pond to glass and so much more. any and every reflection was my home.

One day my pond dried and I found this one. I adored rain more than anything.

In the rain I could be as if human. Walk on land. But I was still an illusion.

Never a real human.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Talea.

“It is fine. Oh! By the way my name is Vearora.”

“What a lovely name,” said Myoura.

“Anyway, why are you here?” asked Vearora.

“We are here rebuild our home,” said Myoura.

“This was our home 10 years ago. Till my sister—” Talea cut off.

“The point is we came to rebuild our home,” said Myoura.

“I will help in anyway I can,” said Vearora.

3 months later…

“And done!” said Talea.

“Finally, we’re home,” said Myoura.

                                                    Chapter 2 Stone Diamond


“Father? Is it really you?”

“Yes. It is me. I thought I lost you.”

They hugged.

“I…I missed you… so, so much, Father.”

“Wait wait, if you’re alive do you know where Myoura and Talea are?” asked Oliver, Talea and Diamond’s dad.

“I’m sorry I don’t know father.”

“Ok, well you’re here. And that’s something.”

“So what have you been doing the past 10 years?” asked Diamond.

“I don’t know. I got a job, A house.”

“But you’re a king. Where is your castle?” asked Diamond.

“Here I am not a king,” said Oliver, with an awkward look.

“But why not?” asked Diamond.

“Well, um… I don’t know how to answer that question. I guess I should show you around,” said Oliver.

“Ok,” said Diamond.

                                                  Chapter 3 Back To The Magic

“oh we’re finally home yes finally home,”  sang Talea.

“It feels so long is so long why did we not do this before?” sang Myoura.

“Chapter 1 is done but chapter 2 has yet to come,” sang Talea.

“And chapter 2 is coming soon!” sang Myoura.

“Yes chapter 2 is coming soon!” they sang.

So chapter 1 is over. But, I’ll be starting chapter 2 in March sorry for the long wait. I hope you liked my last 8 books. And yeah, please comment ideas. Thank you and happy Valentine’s day.