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Chapter 1 The Water Woman

“It is clear you need my story.”


                                                         Chapter 1 The 3 Kingdom War

“Mom! We’re out of blueberries, again!”

“Coming! Okay, what is it, Talea?”

“we’re out of blueberries, AGAIN! So we have to go get more.”

“Sigh, we can’t. We picked the last of them 3 weeks ago–“

“Which means no more ’till, spring.” said Talea.

“Exactly. But, you can help me look for some pumpkins if you want?” Myoura said with a questionable face.


Talea and Myoura were searching for pumpkins in silence until Myoura said, “Do you ever wonder if the kingdom survived?”

Talea stiffened. “No, I don’t. Why ask now and not, before?”

“I don’t know, it’s just, well… I want to know if they’re okay. That day…that horrible day–

I need to tell you something.”

Talea’s look changed into question combined with confusion.

Myoura continued. “When the castle got stormed–“

“No, I am not going to try to remember that awful day. I have no intention on remembering and never will.”

“But I need to tell you, Talea, Diamond didn’t attack the castle on her own.”

Talea looked up. “What? Who? Why?” she said.

“The mountain lemurs of Madagascar,” said Myoura. “Led by one named Koto. A said to be reckless ruler. But he’s a lemur, so.”

“We have to take back our kingdom, let’s go.”

Talea and Myoura ran into the kingdom. Or, almost deserted kingdom.

“There’s no one here. Where is, everyone?” asked Talea.

“There!” said Myoura as she and Talea ran to a person, she was dirty and had bruises almost all over her.

“What happened?” Talea asked the person.

The person looked at Myoura, eyes widening. “Gasp! Your majesty!” she said, standing to bow.

“Miss, do you know what happened-“

“You’re the queen! You have come to save us!”

“Do you know–” Talea started but got interrupted.

“Ah, princess!” the person said with yet another bow. “This is wonderful! You can stop the war!”

“What war?” asked Talea.

“The over a century long war, of course.” said the person. “Or as I’ve begun to call it the 3 kingdom war.”

“It’s still going on?” asked Myoura.

“Yes. For 13 years now.”

“Mom,what war!?”

“Sigh, Talea, I, I have to tell you, something.”

                                                                    Chapter 2 Together

5 months earlier…on earth that is.

“Hello Father I’m back from getting groceries. Father? Maybe you’re downstairs.”

So Diamond decided to go downstairs…

“Diamond, you’re back!”

“Yeah, I am. Are you still working on the portal?” asked Diamond.

“Yes. But unfortunately, it’s been a bust so far,” said Oliver with a frown. “Should I give up?”

“OF COURSE NOT! Have you forgotten why we are doing this? To find Mom and Talea. We can’t and won’t give up.”

“You’re right, Diamond. I’ll keep trying for them.”

Oliver pulled the lever and something happened!

“We did it. Father, we did it!”

On the other side of the portal…

“Mom, tell me what war–“

“A portal,” Myoura whispered. “It’s fading… they won’t be able to make it through. But we can send a letter through it.”

“But can’t they–“

“A glitching portal could destroy the living!” Myoura was going to send the letter when someone came through!

“Diamond?” asked Talea.

“Oliver?” asked Myoura.

“kitty??” asked Talea.

“Talea, Myoura, is it really you two?” asked Oliver.

They were all so surprised they didn’t even notice the portal closed.

“Gasp a portal, hmm, “Pearl said from behind the trees where she was hidden. “Maybe I can make it through without–

Gasp, Oliver? I thought he was dead, or in another dimeson, guess I was wrong. Hm.”

Pearl tried to jump through but…

“Pearl?” said Myoura.

“Uhh hey, sis.”

                                                                    Chapter 3 …

“Okay so… do we, tie her up again, or?” Talea asked.

“How did she escape?” asked Myoura.

Diamond tied up Pearl. “What? She’s evil!”

“No more than you, I mean you both tried to take over the kingdom, so…” Talea said. “Let’s let her go but, keep her in the kingdom. How’s that sound?”

“Uh excuse me is that the king?” said the person Myoura and Talea were talking to before the portal opened.

“Oh right, Talea there’s a war that’s been going on for 13 years and we need to stop Koto and then the war and the only way to stop the war is well, um, we will talk about it afterwards,” said Myoura.

“Oohhhh I um, that’s my fault, hehe,” said Oliver.

“Hello! What do we do with Pearl?!” asked Diamond.

“Is anyone worried about Koto!?” asked Myoura.

“Can I leave!?” asked Pearl.

“EVERONE QUIET!!” Talea yelled and everyone silenced. “Okay, when we all talk at once, no one, wins. So, why don’t we just, talk one at a time? Mom, you go first.”

“The best thing to do is go take back the kingdom, then we stop the war,” said Myoura.

“But how do we stop the war?” asked Diamond.

“Um, one thing at a time,” said Myoura.

“Okay now, Dad,” said Talea.

“Yeah um, the war’s my fault. Hehe,” said Oliver.

“You started the war!?” asked Pearl. “How!?”

“He insulted the king of Piola.” said Diamond “Then the king of Piola declared, war. Talea was too young to remember.”

“But I’ve met Prince Opal. What a scum,” said Talea.” Anyway Diamond, your turn to talk.”

“What do I do with Pearl?” asked Diamond.

“Keep her tied up. Pearl, your turn,” said Talea.

“Can I leave?” asked Pearl.

“No,” said Talea.

“Okay,” said Pearl.

“Let’s go fight Koto,” said Talea.

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