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“Grant is a remarkable story teller. In this series, she meets the needs of various readers at once: the intellect, the history buff, the romantic and the sleuth. Beneath a Silent Moon is one of those rare novels that give us our money’s worth. I can’t help but recommended it.” —

“Author Tracy Grant has created a spectacular mystery within a mystery in this wonderful book. But that’s not the only highlight of this complex book. The authentic period details are integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the story and add luster to an already immaculate narrative. A large, well-developed character cast provides plenty of red herrings and motivations galore. The continuing difficult relationship between Charles and Mélanie is but one of many interpersonal conflicts which form the crux of the novel. Adventure, suspense, romance, passion, tragedy. Tracy Grant combines them all beautifully to form a compelling and expertly crafted story.” — The Best Reviews

“Gorgeously written and filled with as many twists and turns as an ornamental maze, Beneath the Silent Moon will have you turning pages quickly to get to the bottom of things, even as you’re worrying over Charles and Mélanie.” —

“A tremendous Regency suspense thriller…. Tracy Grant provides richly textured historical intrigue that brings to life London just after the Napoleonic Wars.” —

“It’s hard to imagine history, passion, and intrigue brought together more interestingly than in author Tracy Grant’s BENEATH A SILENT MOON.” — Roundtable Reviews

“Tracy Grant once again does a magnificent job of constructing both her complex story and her equally complex characters.” — All About Romance

“I was thrilled to see Charles and Melanie back again just to have another glimpse into the fascinating world of intrigue Grant creates. While others shine a light on the glittering Regency ballrooms, Grant allows candles to glow in the darkest recesses of London’s hidden alleys, as her wonderful characters are again involved in plots and conspiracies. What a feast for the mystery and romance fan alike!” — Romantic Times

“Tracy Grant provides richly textured historical intrigue that brings to life London just after the Napoleonic Wars.” — MidWest Book Review


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