Book4 ImageLaura Dudley, the Fraser children’s governess, is found in a Mayfair bedchamber with the dead body of one of Britain ‘s most powerful peers. Laura refuses to give any explanation, even to Charles and Mélanie. But even as the evidence mounts again Laura, the Frasers can’t believe her guilty of murder. As they race against time to prove Laura innocent Mélanie and Charles learn that they are not the only ones in their household with secrets. And that old enemies and new ones are more closely connected than they would have dreamed possible.

43 Responses to “Charles & Mélanie Book #4”

  1. Gareth Yarnell Says:

    Hi, what are the other books in this series? Thanks, Gareth

  2. Tracy Grant Says:

    Hi Gareth, thanks so much for your comment! The first book in the series is “Secrets of a Lady” (originally published as “Daughter of the Game”. The second is “Beneath a Silent Moon” (which is actually a prequel, so the books can be read in either order). The third is “The Mask of Night” (written but not yet published; it has its own detail page on this site, with links to excerpts).

    Hope that helps! Do let me know if you have further questions!

  3. Belen Says:

    I loved both Secrets of a Lady and Beneath a Silent Moon. When will The Mask of Night be published?

  4. Tracy Grant Says:

    So glad you enjoyed “Secrets” and “Beneath”, Belen! Unfortunately, though “The Mask of Night” is written (and I’m working on the fourth book), I don’t have a contract for them yet. I’m hoping I will soon if the “Beneath” reissue does well. As I have info, I’ll definitely post an update on my site!

  5. Jenna Says:

    I just finished Beneath a Silent Moon and read Secrets of a Lady a few weeks ago and loved them both. I can’t wait for the other two books to come out! I love the tension between Charles and Melanie and hope they continue to pick their way through the mine fields of their past while keeping their love strong. All of the characters are great and I’d like to read more about Andrew and Gisele, too, since she seems to be as strong and clever as Charles.

  6. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much, Jenna! I love writing about Charles and Mélanie precisely because of the balance between the tension and the minefield of their past and the strength of the bond between them.

    I definitely plan to do more with Gisèle and Andrew. Gisèle turned out to be even more interesting than I at first envisioned when I wrote “Beneath a Silent Moon” (I love how characters can surprise the author sometimes). You’re right, she has a lot of Charles’s strength and intelligence. And I think she’s a bit more ruthless in some ways–in that she’s more like Mélanie :-).

  7. Katy Says:

    I have just finished Beneath A Silent Moon and loved it. I am saving Secrets of a Lady for a trip later this month. I like series books and I hope you will have the next 2 books out soon. I have to keep a notebook of the books that I have read so that I don’t pick up one that I have already read. Jane Austin is my favorite author and I traveled in England, Wales, and Scotland in 06 and to Paris in 07. It makes it fun to have been to places that are in the books. Keep writing.

  8. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much for posting, Katy! I love hearing that new readers are finding and enjoying my books, and it’s particularly flattering when they’re Austen readers :-). Do let me know what you think when you read “Secrets of a Lady.” I love traveling to locations in books too!

  9. Shirley Gans Says:

    I can hardly wait until your next two books are published!!!!

  10. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much, Shirley! I hope to have news to report soon. I’m having a lot of fun with Book #4. I may blog about the writing process…

  11. NightMage Says:

    Will your books ever be released in Hardback?

  12. Tracy Grant Says:

    The books actually were originally released in hardback (“Secrets of a Lady” under the title “Daughter of the Game,” “Beneath a Silent Moon” as “Beneath a Silent Moon”) in both the U.S. and U.K. They were then released as massmarket paperbacks. The recent trade paperback reissues are because of the growing trend toward trade for historical fiction. If I’m able to sell more books they may be trade originals or could conceivably come out in hardback first.

  13. Gina Says:

    I am waiting for the next in the series and I hope your publisher has the good sense to not make us wait – your books are unique and fascinating and you write beautfully.

  14. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much, Gina! That sort of feedback is what keeps writers going! I hope I can get more books in the series out before too long too!

  15. ruby smith Says:

    love your books read Daughter of the Game years ago have just found Beneath a Silent Moon, I HOPE TO FIND THE OTHERS SOON.

  16. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much, Ruby! I hope there are more for you to find soon too :-). Keeping watching my website for updates…

  17. Yannie Says:

    Hello Ms. Grant,
    I just recently purchased both your books, “Secrets of a Lady” and “beneath a Silent moon.” I can not wait to get started. I read your biography (the longer one) and could not help noticing that you and I lost our wonderful mothers around the same time. My mother actually passed away in 1998 (2 weeks after my daughter was born.) I think she would have loved your books as much as I already love them. I can’t wait to get started as soon as possible. I just love regency England. I am also a fan of Henry the Vlll and the Tudors era as well.

  18. Tracy Grant Says:

    Hi Yannie,

    Thanks so much for buying “Secrets” and “Beneath”! Hope you enjoy them both! I’m so sorry you lost your mom too. I know how hard that is. It must have been especially hard as you had just had your daughter. I hope your mom at least got to meet her. It sounds like you and your mom shared a love of the same books too. I think that makes for such a great parent-child bond.

    I’ve also loved Henry VIII and the Tudor era ever since I watched the Keith Michelle Henry VIII series and the Glenda Jackson Elizabeth series as a kid and then went to Britain with my family and saw a lot of the locations.

    Do let me know what you think when you read the books!

  19. Patricia Says:

    Hello, Ms Grant.

    I am so glad I found this site.

    I read your two books, “Daughter of the Game” and “Beneath a Silent Moon”, years ago, and there is something about them that causes them to keep popping up in my mind over the years. I have actually read them multiple times because after a few years they seem almost like meeting the characters again.

    When your books pop into my head (like today), I check Amazon or somewhere hoping that I will find a new release of yours.

    When I found this site, I was excited to see that you actually have a couple of books continuing with these characters.

    Good luck with getting them released. I have been waiting years and hope that the wait will be over soon.

    Regards, Patricia

  20. Tracy Grant Says:

    I’m so glad you found my website, Patricia! It’s wonderful to hear my books have stayed with you and you’ve reread them. Have you noticed new things on rereads? Authors are always curious :-).

    I hope “Mask of Night” and the as yet untitled Charles & Mélanie Book 4 are published before long. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Vienna Waltz, which will be published in April 2011 (in stores in March). As you’ll see from my Dear Reader blogs, it’s the story of Charles & Mel’s adventures at the Congress of Vienna, though in the book they’re called Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch, because my new publisher wanted new names.

  21. Linhie Says:

    Tracy, as you’ve mentioned for “Vienna Waltz” the names of Charles and Melanie was altered due to publisher’s wishes, would the future book/s in the series (including “The Masked of Night”) maintain the same changes? It would be so hard to imagine brilliantly enigmatic Charles as anyone but Charles, likewise with the exceptionally valiant Melanie. Not that I’m complaining, really, because however their cover may have been altered, C&M’s inner core will persevere, yes?

  22. Tracy Grant Says:

    I’m not sure, Linhie. They’re Malcolm & Suzanne in the book I’m writing now (the book I refer to was the Waterloo book, because it doesn’t have a title yet). I would love to publish “Mask of Night” with their original and names and then go on writing more books with them as Charles & Mel. But if that isn’t possible, I hope to continue the Malcolm & Suzanne series and hopefully publish “Mask of Night” as part of that series and then go forward in time from there (I have a number of ideas for subsequent books). Either way, their inner core definitely remains the same. I write the books using Charles and Mel’s original names (and then change do a search and replace) partly to help me maintain the integrity of the characters. I like to think that Charles and Mélanie have led such adventurous lives that it’s not surprising some of their adventures are published using aliases :-).

  23. Linhie Says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Tracy! In a way I guess Charles and Melanie’s adventurous journeys could not lack events in which they must seek refuge under several aliases… The name change is an adventure unto its own. Your reasoning is without fault and has made it easier for me to view Charles and Melanie as Malcolm and Suzanne. Other than the fact that I have to wait several more months until the release, I feel like I’m living the adventure!

  24. Tracy Grant Says:

    Glad the alias idea helps with the name change, Linhie! Have you taken a look at the Vienna Waltz excerpts on the site? I think you’ll find that they’re definitely the same characters. I’ll be posting more excerpts in the coming weeks before Vienna Waltz’s release. And the Fraser Correspondence letters add backstory detail.

  25. Linhie Says:

    Shhh… Don’t tell but I have been reading the excerpts and goodies between classes! Sure makes the day go by with more fun! ^.^ And I could definitely see what is “Charles” and “Mel” in your characters. Can’t wait for the book!

  26. Bryana Says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Any chance of Book 4 being published sometime? How does Book 4 fit in the chronology of the other books?


  27. Tracy Grant Says:

    I hope so, Bryana! Book #4 takes place about four months after The Mask of Night. I haven’t written it yet, but I’d love to be able to do so, as well as to tell more stories going forward.

  28. Ashley Says:

    I was so thrilled to see Mask of Night as an E-book. I bought it immediately. I would love to read Charles and Melanie book 4 or however many you write really. Do you have any plans for more e-books in the series?

  29. Tracy Grant Says:

    So glad you bought Mask of Night, Ashley! Do let me know what you think when you read it. My current print books, “Vienna Waltz” and the forthcoming “Imperial Scandal”, are part of the series as well though Charles & Mel are called Malcolm & Suzanne (see the FAQ for details). I definitely want to write Book #4 and stories that take place after it, but I hope to do so in print (and of course there’d be e-book versions as well), either with Charles & Mel or as part of the Malcolm & Suzanne series (which eventually will catch up to after Secrets of a Lady, if that makes any sense).

  30. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for responding. I have bought Vienna Waltz as well. Do you have a release date for Imperial Scandal as well? I really love your books even when the names change. I was torn about buying a Kindle, but there are lovely perks. I would be unable to read Mask of Night without it.

  31. Tracy Grant Says:

    Hope you enjoy, Vienna Waltz, Ashley! Do let me know what you think. The release date for “Imperial Scandal” is April 2012, which means it will be out at the end of March. In a few months, I should have the cover to post. Hope you enjoy your Kindle – I love reading books on my iPad.

  32. Ashley J Says:

    Hi Tracy! I just love Secrets of a Lady and this is the 3rd time I’ve finished it! Your writing and your story are excellent! I couldn’t put it down (even the 3rd time)! I just found out about your other books and I hope to read all of them soon!

    I do wish that melanie and charles would stay melanie and charles though.:-(

  33. Tracy Grant Says:

    Oh, Ashley, that totally makes my day! Wonderful to know Secrets holds up so well on the third read. Do let me know what you think of the other books.

    I will they could stay Charles and Mélanie too. I actually write the books with those names and then do a search and replace. Malcolm and Suzanne are Charles & Mel’s middle names, which makes it a little easier for me. I think of it as their adventures being chronicled under aliases :-0. Do let me know what you think of the other books!

  34. Katherine Says:

    Oh wow! A new book! Im so excited! I JUST finished Secrets of a Lady and I couldnt even put it down! Im reading Beneath a Silent Moon now and seriously can’t wait for the third and fourth books! I hope you get a contract soooon!

  35. Tracy Grant Says:

    So glad you enjoyed Secrets and are reading Silent Moon, Katherine! “The Mask of Night” is actually out now as a Kindle book (you can download a free Kindle app that allows you to read it on your computer or phone or iPad). And Vienna Waltz is also part of the series, set before Beneath a Silent Moon. Because of my new publisher, Charles & Mel’s names were changed to Malcolm & Suzanne, but they’re the same characters. Imperial Scandal, which will be out in April 2012, picks up their story around the battle of Waterloo. There’s more info in the FAQ on my website and on the pages for Mask of Night and Vienna Waltz. Also, feel free to post or email me with more questions.

  36. Pamela Vigers Says:

    Hi Tracy – have just started Secrets of a Lady – love it and have subsequently purchased Vienna Waltz and Beneath a Silent Moon – have also ordered The Mask of Night – what order should they be read in?

  37. Tracy Grant Says:

    Hi Pamela, so glad you’re enjoying Secrets of a Lady! The order the books were written in was Secrets, Beneath, Mask, Vienna Waltz. The order they take place in is Vienna Waltz, Beneath, Secrets, Mask.I think they can be read in various orders. Since you’ve already started Secrets, I’d suggest reading Vienna Waltz next, then Beneath, then Mask.

    Hope that helps! There’s some more about this in the FAQ and also do feel free to ask more questions!

  38. Sophia Says:

    Read Vienna Waltz and LOVED it!!!!! I quickly went and bought your other books and loved them as well. I can’t wait until the 4th book comes out..!

  39. Tracy Grant Says:

    That’s great to know, Sophia! I don’t have a contract for this book (Book #4) yet, but IMPERIAL SCANDAL, which is a sequel to VIENNA WALTZ set around the battle of Waterloo, will be out at the end of March. You can read excerpts in blog posts on the “Dear Reader” page if you follow the “teaser” tag.

  40. Sophia Says:

    Cannot wait until Imperial Scandal comes out! Thanks a bunch for letting me know!!!!!!

  41. Tracy Grant Says:

    Glad you’re looking forward to it! I’m running contests on the Dear Reader page to give away advanced copies, so be sure to check it!

  42. Katie Says:


    I discovered you through Lauren Willig’s website. Is Beneath A Silent Moon available as an e-book? I read everything on my iPad these days!

  43. Tracy Grant Says:

    Wonderful to know you found my books through Lauren’s site, Katie. Beneath a Silent Moon sadly is not available as an e-book right now. I’m hoping it will be, but I don’t know when. All my other books are available as e-books.

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