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Book 1 in the Lescaut Quartet

Dark Angel Book CoverAdam Durward is an outsider in both his mother’s India and his father’s England. Too much of an outsider for his childhood sweetheart, Caroline, who turned her back on their forbidden love to marry the wealthier, safer Jared Rawley. Taught a bitter lesson about not belonging, Adam left England as a diplomat and spy in the Peninsular War. But even then he could not escape Caroline. When he learned her husband, Jared, had betrayed crown and country, he exposed Jared as a traitor despite Caroline’s pleas.

Sheltered, pampered Caroline grew up and found unexpected courage in the wake of her husband’s disgrace. She left her decorous life in England and followed Jared into war-torn Spain. Now a widow with a young daughter, she is trapped behind enemy lines. Adam sets out to rescue the woman who still haunts his dreams. In a landscape set with treachery and intrigue, Adam and Caroline’s only hope of survival is to rely on each other. They brave bandits, enemy soldiers, and harsh terrain, but the greatest danger they face may be navigating the web of love and betrayal that still binds them together.

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  1. […] autumn! In celebration of the season, my historical romance, Dark Angel, is .99 cents on Nook and Kindle for the month of […]

  2. […] Dark Angel, the first of the four, begins in Spain in 1813 in the midst of the Peninsular War. There is a social divide between the heroine Caroline and the hero Adam, which plays out in a different way between Malcolm and Suzanne. And the book introduces the French spy Robert Lescaut. In my mind, Suzanne/Mélanie is connected to the Lescaut family… […]

  3. Barbara Bertrand Says:

    Dear Tracy,
    I have read all of your Suzanne (Melanie) and Malcolm Ranoche books and await the next.
    I am a bit confused, however, as I started “Secrets of a Lady”, and though this family is ChRles Fraser, there is his wife Melanie, son Colin and daughter Jessica. These are the same characters, with the exception of Charles, as in your books with the Ranoche family.why this done. They met in the peninsula war, similar events….even to Addison and Blanca their servants.
    Thank you…

    1. Tracy Grant Says:

      Thanks so much for post, Barbara! I’m thrilled that you like the Malcolm and Suzanne books! The Charles and Mélanie books were written first, and when I changed publishers I went back in time to tell their earlier story but had to change the characters’ names. Eventually in order to go forwards with the series I had to go take Malcolm and Suzanne into a sort of parallel universe. There’s more about this in the FAQ on my website. Take a look and do let me know if you have further questions!

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