Rightfully His
by Tracy Grant

Dell Publishing, September 1998
ISBN 0-440-22546-9

“Nobody mixes intrigue and passion better than Tracy Grant.” — Penelope Williamson, author of The Passions of Emma

Shores of Desire
by Tracy Grant

Dell Publishing, November 1997
ISBN 0-440-22168-4

“A beautiful, evocative love story with the sweeping power of an epic, told in the grand tradition of a Diana Gabaldon tale.” — Penelope Williamson, author of The Outsider

Shadows of the Heart
by Tracy Grant

Dell Publishing, November 1996
ISBN 0-440-22161-1

“This is a story you’ll want to savor–rich and brimming as it is with passion, intrigue, and enough twists and surprises to keep you reading long into the wee hours of the night. But it is also a story you will never forget, for it is a moving portrayal of the human heart, of our need for forgiveness, from each other and ourselves. And about the redemptive, healing power of love.” — Penelope Williamson, author of The Outsider

Dark Angel
As Anna Grant (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, March 1994
ISBN 0-8217-4494-1

When her husband is killed in the Peninsular War, Caroline Rawley is left a widow, stranded behind enemy lines in war-torn Spain with her young daughter. Her only chance at escape is to accept help from Adam Durward, her childhood friend, her former lover, the man she has sworn never to trust again.

“Fit For A Prince” in A Valentine’s Day Delight
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, January 1994
ISBN 0-8217-4471-2

Simon di Tassio goes to a Valentine’s Day houseparty to meet his future wife only to find that the girl’s chaperone is Justine de Valon, his first and only love.

A Sensible Match
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, May 1993
ISBN 0-8217-4169-1

Alessandra di Tassio and Harry Dudley, Earl of Milverton, have learned to be wary of love. When they agree to marry, it is to be a sensible, unromantic alliance. But when an age-old scandal threatens the position and title that form the basis of their marriage, Harry and Alessa learn that they have found something far more precious.

An Improper Proposal
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, August 1992
ISBN 0-8217-3858-5

When her brother unexpectedly becomes a marquis, Rachel Ford finds herself acting as a society hostess in addition to running the theater company she inherited from her late husband. In the midst of it all, their blacksheep cousin Guy returns to England. Guy, a brilliant playwright and the man Rachel secretly loves beyond all reason, risks imprisonment to clear himself of the crime he was falsely charged with two years ago. Rachel can think of only one way to use her newfound position in society to protect him–she offers to become his wife.

“The Perfect Mother” in A Mother’s Heart
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, May 1992
ISBN 0-8217-3756-2

For Melloney, entering into an arranged marriage with Miles Pengarrick means not only learning to be wife but learning to be mother to her husband’s two young daughters.

A Touch of Scandal
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, December 1991
ISBN 0-8217-3603-5

Once a powerful politician, Gideon Carne fled England in scandal and disgrace. He returns from the Peninsular War to find his children alienated strangers and his fortune mysteriously in ruins. Fiona Alastair, the woman he betrayed five years ago, is now governess to his son’s best friend. It is Fiona who holds the key to helping Gideon rebuild his fortunes. But in the process, they uncover secrets which may destroy them both.
Also available in Italian.

“The Christmas Knight” in A Christmas Delight
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, November 1991
ISBN 0-8217-3583-7

Without a family to call his own, Owen Thorn has little time for holiday celebration. But at a Christams houseparty, an old tale of courtly love makes him see his friend Amanda Berwick in a new light.

The Counterfeit Heart
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, June 1991
ISBN 0-8217-3425-3

Nicola Crawford is hardly surprised when her cousin Charles’s betrothed disappears without a fare-thee-well. Anyone engaged to Charles Windham was bound to run off sooner or later. But when Nicola’s fiancé vanishes as well, Nicola and Charles find themselves unwilling allies on a wild chase through Devon and Cornwall.

“A Mistletoe Christmas” in A Christmas Holiday
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, November 1990
ISBN 0-8217-3583-7

Practical Elizabeth Alder broke her engagement to eccentric Jeremy Crawford because she knew they would never suit. But when Jeremy arrives unexpectedly on Christmas Eve with a mysterious, wounded stranger, Elizabeth is given another chance at romance.

Frivolous Pretence
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, February 1990
ISBN 0-8217-2902-0

While all London is abuzz over the scandalous divorce trial of Queen Caroline, Demetra and Frank Hawksley find their own marriage on the verge of collapse. Blackmail, interfering relatives, and a secret plot to undermine the Queen’s defense threaten to make it impossible for Demetra and Frank to recapture the love they once shared.

The Courting of Philippa
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, August 1989
ISBN 0-8217-2714-1
Philippa Davenport is a sucessful author of romantic novels. Henry Ashton is a serious novelist who considers love stories romantic nonsense. But when a libel trial throws Henry and Philippa together, Henry’s views about literature and love begin to change.

The Widow’s Gambit
As Anthea Malcolm (in collaboration with Joan Grant)

Zebra Books, May 1988
ISBN 0-8217-2357-X

The eldest of the orphaned Neville sisters needs a chaperone for the London season, so Livia Neville invents a dead husband and becomes the respectable Widow Royce. But she finds herself caught in a snare of her own making when she comes up against Nicholas Warwick, the first man she has ever met who is as highhanded as she is and almost her equal at chess.
Also available in Chinese.

Current Releases

10 Responses to “Earlier Releases”

  1. […] and took me out for tea and with whom I started writing Regency romances. Even our first book, The Widow’s Gambit, which was very ‘London Season,’ had scenes set in the darker side of the Regency […]

  2. […] home from a trip to Whole Foods (I do a lot of my best writing thinking in the car). So many of my books deal with betrayal in one form or another. It’s at the heart of four of my mom’s and my […]

  3. […] As you may know, I began my writing career collaborating with my mother, Joan Grant. We wrote eight books and four novellas together, seven Regencies romances (and four novellas) as Anthea Malcolm, and one historical […]

  4. […] marriage and the expectations go into it affect the level of betrayal. In my historical romance, Rightfully His, there’s a subplot between the heroine’s sister and her husband who have a society […]

  5. […] I first began co-writing Regency romances with my mom, under the name Anthea Malcolm, my friends teased me that our books started very chaste and slowly […]

  6. Kathy Says:

    Please, can anyone tell me if there are any other books with related characters to The Widow’s Gambit and The Courting of PhIllipa? I could’ve sworn there were more, but they aren’t listed here.

    Thanks, wanting to reread old faves.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Also, seems as if some of the old ones would do well as e-books, but I don’t know much about the business, I’ll admit. I’m a kindle reader.


  8. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks for your question, Kathy! All of the Anthea Malcolm Regencies are connected. Philippa and Henry, Francesca and Gerry and some of the other characters appear in Frivolous Pretence. Francesca and Nicholas appear in The Counterfeit Heart–the heroine, Nicola Crawford, is Nicholas’s cousin (the daughter of Isabel Crawford who plays an important role in The Widow’s Gambit). Nicola and her husband Charles appear in A Touch of Scandal. Nicola’s brother Jeremy is the hero of the novella A Mistletoe Christmas. The characters in An Improper Proposal are connected to A Touch of Scandal, but I can’t remember if any of the characters from The Widow’s Gambit or The Courting of Philippa are mentioned.The heroine of A Sensible Match is an important character from A Touch of Scandal and several of the characters from The Counterfeit Heart, A Touch of Scandal, and An Improper Proposal appear. I’m not sure who’s mentioned from The Widow’s Gambit and The Courting of Philippa, except that I know Francesca is. Francesca is mentioned or appears in all the Anthea Malcolm books.

    And as for e–books–actually, my agent and I are in the process of making my back list available on Kindle (and eventually other platforms). We’re starting with the four historical romances, but then we’ll do the Regencies.

    Hope that helps! Do let me know if you have more questions. It’s fun to talk about these books.

  9. Kathy Says:

    Oh good, I can buy them for Kindle! Thanks so much for the info. I’ll search them out in paper until they are released as ebooks. I’ve enjoyed them so much, and then I’ll try out some of your newer ones. I’ve never really been a romance reader, but the Regencies don’t seem quite the same, and your Anthea Malcolm books are clever and funny.

    I am a constant reader and read many, many types of books, but always return to The Widows Gambit as an old friend that makes me laugh, and reminds me of the social conditions of earlier times.

    Thanks, and looking forward to the newer ones as well!

  10. Tracy Grant Says:

    How wonderful to know you return to the Anthea Malcolm books and that The Widow’s Gambit is an old friend that makes you laugh! I’ll definitely post on the website and Facebook and Twitter when I release the Anthea Malcolm books as e-books.

    You may already know this, but my more recent books (Vienna Waltz, The Mask of Night, Beneath a Silent Moon, and Secrets of a Lady) are historical suspense not romances (though they do have love stories in them).

    Do keep in touch!

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