1. Who was Julia Ashton supposed to meet at the Château de Vere? [answer: the Prince of Orange]
  2. What do Wellington’s aides-de-camp call him [answer: Hookey]
  3. Where did Harry Davenport first see Cordelia? [answer: a ball at Devonshire  House]
  4. Where do Malcolm and Harry first question Tony Chase? [answer: a beer garden]
  5. What does Suzanne disguise herself was when she goes to Le Paon d’Or? [answer: a shopgirl delivering perfumes]
  6. Why do people think the Duke of Wellington and Lord Uxbridge may not get along? [answer: Uxbridge ran off with Wellington’s brother’s wife]
  7. What was Julia Ashton’s code name? [answer: the Silver Hawk]
  8. What game does Georgiana Lennox say you’d never guess they’d been known to play in the room where her mother’s ball takes place? [answer: battledore and shuttlecock]
  9. Why is Suzanne surprised to see General de la Bédoyère at the Duchess of Richmond’s  ball? [answer: he’s one of Napoleon’s generals]
  10. Who is Suzanne dancing with when Wellington comes into the ballroom and announces the army is marching tomorrow? [answer: Raoul O’Roarke]
  11. Who is General Flahaut’s father? [answer: Prince Talleyrand]
  12. What literary character do Suzanne and Simon say Malcolm and David remind them of? [answer: Mr. Darcy]
  13.  Who is Sarah Lennox in love with [answer: General Maitland]
  14. Where did Harry and Cordelia go on their honeymoon? [answer: the north of England to look at Roman ruins]
  15. What does Harry say just before he looses consciousness from his wounds? [answer: Cordelia’s name]



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